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DYEING ART: Batik and Gyotaku, with a new spin

I’ve been invited to do a solo show at Bellport Arts & Framing in Bellport, during June of this year- this show will feature my new work, which is going a little bit beyond Batik…. its Gyotaku!

Gyotaku is the ancient art of fish rubbing, used by Japanese fishermen to record their catch. It is usually done on rice paper with the sumi-e inks.

What I do, is take a piece of fabric I’ve already batiked, and then print on top of that. I will use fresh fish, or lots of interesting things, to create a painting. I may also print on plain fabric and then batik over it for some very interesting results. This process is even more involved than Batik, because its actually the combining of the two processes. I find it  interesting and engaging to take very old methods (dying arts) and put new twists on them with modern materials.

Gyotaku is still practiced in some places-  I’ve seen it on youtube, where in Hawaii, guests get off the fishing boat,  walk across the street and have their catch printed right there on the spot- kind of like a tourist thing…
Hope you can stop by and see the show–

There will be a reception for the show on Sunday June 24th, 2012 from 1 -3 pm at

Bellport Arts & Framing, 137 South Country Road, Bellport.

Open Wednesdays- Saturdays, 11 am – 5 pm

Click here for a map.

2 comments to DYEING ART: Batik and Gyotaku, with a new spin

  • Anonymous

    I love batik, and never knew people printed on top of batik. I saw the work you had in Syosset and really like it.
    Kris Washburn, Colton,NY (Adirondacks)

  • Chris

    Hi thanks for your comments- any chance you are related to the washburn family that lived in the Center Moriches area of Long Island in the early 1970’s?

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