April 2020
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Going to the Galleries

I’ve been to a few galleries and have some favorites. I like these because they make me feel comfortable. Some galleries are just plain intimidating. I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere or the people, or even the art on the walls… but if a place isnt people-friendly, then the people won’t come in. Art isn’t really someting you need a college degree to understand, though some gallerists would have you think so- some artists too.For me, “good” art is simply what I like- if I like it, I may even buy it. I like a gallery with a variety of styles and form,. for both visual and intellectual stimulation. I like a social atmosphere. I don’t want to be regarded as just a customer, I want to be appreciated as a person who likes to look at art. In other words, I want to be comfortable when I go into a gallery.Phoenix Gallery in Bellport is my home away from home, I’m there all the time because I spend a lot of time in Bellport anyway- for South Bay’s activities, the Unitarian’s activities, the Health Food Store, the Library, friends….and I exhibit there as well.The Blue Door Gallery in Riverhead is another friendly place- I stop in whenever I get a chance. Sandi’s a great gal and there’s always something fun going on there- music in the alley perhaps or a reception……there’s a nice selection of artistic creativity in there. I also like Christopher Gallery in Stony Brook Village. I don’t get over there as often as I’d like but they always have artwork that is truly inspiring to me as an artist. I always want to come home and paint something after I’ve been there.These are my three favorites, and they also have a nice variety of jewelry, glass, ceramics and sculpture.

3 comments to Going to the Galleries

  • pmpotts

    I do like your description of the various galleries, I will have to get to the Blue Door someday.
    You might want to try advertizing in addition to your other talents.
    I too want to be appreciated when viewing the work in a gallery. It’s great to be able to see so many various styles and objects in a pleasant setting.

  • phyllis potts

    Chris you’ve really worked so hard for years mastering every medium you’ve attempted. I am amazed to see the lovely results.
    As a matter of fact I can’t remember you failing at any task you undertook.

  • phyllis potts

    Happy to have you as a friend, you’re an inspiration.
    May you recieve the recognition you deserve.

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