July 2020
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Artist Trading Cards

This is a fun way for artists to get together and socialize over creativity and chit-chat!

Artist Trading Cards are tiny, original works 2 1/2 x 3 1/2″

They are created and traded- not sold,  traded in groups, in person, or over the internet or by mail.

They are fun to do because they are so small- they can be a challenge too!

You can use them as your own calling card or business card- sign and date the back and send them out into the world.

We’ve had two workshops so far at South Bay, via the Gallery… and each time has been a lot of fun!

Artists benefit from the creative synergy- so I’ll keep you posted on the next workshop. Space is limited so there might be a sign-up.

For more info, search artist trading cards on google or yahoo….. lots of info out there as well as ideas.

Get going- you have to give one to get one- so you need to get a few ready before you start trading.

Some artists keep them in albums like baseball cards…..others frame them, do aseries such as all the letters of the alphabet or a theme like flowers or animals……  there are only two main rules- the size and the trade.

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