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Embracing Our Differences

A Celebration of Oneness – Women Sharing Art join in “Embracing Our Differences”
sayville.com – arts and entertaintment – 10/8/2010
© Ginnie Moore

The following article is from Sayville.com   http://www.sayville.com/news.asp?news=779

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They say charity begins at home…so should embracing our differences.

Women Sharing Art, Inc. (www.womensharingart.org) is a group of approximately 23 artistic, multi-talented women, (Of which I am a member) whose art is their passion. Each woman creates in her own personal artistic medium; watercolor, photography, oils, mosaic design, art glass, fiber art, acrylics, collage, pastels, beads, culinary arts … yet, the group possesses a common bond as women artists sharing and exploring their artistic energies.

Earlier this year they embarked on a project that enabled and challenged them to work jointly on a piece of art that was then submitted to the Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity & Human Understanding for an outdoor art exhibition to celebrate diversity – ‘Embracing Our Differences’. This endeavor would be like inflating fifty random-sized balloons, then collecting them in an effort to tie them together in one, large, beautiful ‘bouquet’

Lilian Masten (collage and mixed media) said, “My first thought was, how are we going to be able to combine all the different media and techniques into one piece of art. As the piece developed, I was able to add my input through the blending of colors with my collage and assemblage techniques to unify the whole”. Another artist, Libby Hintz, whose specialty is mosaics said, “I like to work collaboratively in my own medium, so I was excited about working with my friends in Women Sharing Art through this project.” ??The women spent much time at the outset to meet and discuss the direction they should take – it turned into a think tank with sketches. It was decided they would work to depict a positive, meaningful, emotional, and feminine-oriented universal point of view. ??Gee, that sounds easy…??“… this project turned into a fantastic way of inviting the world to discover, savor and celebrate the universal oneness of women” is how WSA member Juliette Lévesque (oils & acrylics) described what this project has meant to her.??There were 110 entries and 28 finalists, the work of art born from Women Sharing Art being among the finalists. The outdoor exhibit will be held during October 23 – 31, 2010, at the Grant Campus of Suffolk Community College in Brentwood (at the intersection of Crooked Hill Rd. and Wicks Rd.), adjacent to the Health, Sports and Education Building.??From the flyer promoting this event, “The Embracing Our Differences art exhibition, together with related activities and events, is intended to demonstrate in a positive way that diversity enriches our lives …”??Pat D’Aversa (photographer) likened this creative effort to the aim of Women Sharing Art, “I hoped this project would portray the same acceptance of diversity that Women Sharing Art has shown to its members.”??WSA member Julianna Kirk (glass art) summed up the creative experience of working together beautifully, “After the entire process was over and our final visual statement was achieved, I was extremely satisfied with the entire experience. For me, I was positively charged with the depth of knowledge we all have collectively and how we can surely do ananything!”?

Women Sharing Art … and life ~ such a beautiful thing

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