July 2020
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cEnergy For Web

This is the largest batik I have ever done, about 31′ square. It is wired to hang as a diamond,

on end.  It really captures your attention, both by its color and its unusual presentation.

I remember that I had been at a critique night at  Phoenix Gallery, and we were all just sitting about talking art art and more art……the creative energy there that night was inspiring and so the next day when I went into the studio, this is what happened, and I will always remember that time and those artists and the conversations we had……

4 comments to Energy!

  • cknee

    WOW Love ENERGY it is GREAT Can’t wait to see it in person. All of your Batik is so amazing I love seeing what you create..

  • lstoneb

    Wow too! This is a very impressive piece, the motion is incredible and the sense is uplifting – it has a wonderful spirit to it, it is inspiring to look at – and clearly shows your inspiration! I think it is the strongest piece I’ve seen. I think it is very strong as is re: hanging it as a diamond – hard to tell here,
    I am not sure a diamond would improve it, but you must have a reason knowing it so. I love the way the central area lifts up, I think that’s one of the things that make it “uplifting. The colors are astounding! The sense of depth is clear but subtle. Fabulous!

  • ehansen

    Christine, absolutely beautiful work! I am amazed at your perception and talent!!! I love the whale…I want him!!!

  • Ritzi

    ENERGY is fantastic…it’s something like the small batik you did for me last year–but this one has IT….I can feel it even though I’m not looking at it now. Easily one of the best you’ve done…

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