June 2020
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My Pal Phyllis

Phyllis and I go back a long way. She used to say, she’d known me since before I was born! And that’s true, because she and my mom were pals back in the days when Mastic Beach was a lovely little town, back in the 30’s and 40’s….. there weren’t many people around back then and everyone knew everyone else.

When Phyllis got married, my Mom was supposed to be her maid of honor but for some reason, she couldn’t. I never found out the reason, but my Aunt Margie filled in. These gals remained friends… and as I grew up, I became aware of that friendship, as Phyllis would pop over and visit. She kept in touch– and I remembered who she was because she was always so bubbly and also she had a bit of an accent, or a way of talking that made her stand out to me.

In 1978 I got a job with the Post Office and wound up working right next to Phyllis! That’s when our own friendship began…. it didn’t matter that Phyllis was my mother’s age- she was so young at heart! We spoke of mutual friends, and the olden days…. I even found out that Phyllis had dated my Dad once!

Later on, Phyllis was able to help me with my Family Tree Project and even contributed a lot of photos! After she retired, we still kept in touch, I would stop by for lunch or tea…..and it was Phyllis who initially got me started on my art journey. She asked me to sit as a model for her sketch group, which I did on a few occasions, and then she encouraged me to pick up a pencil…. which I did….

I could always count of Phyllis for a smile, some encouragement, and a cup of tea. I guess I felt like she would be a part of my life forever……

I sure will miss her positive outlook on life and her joie de vivre– what an inspiration!

Hugs to you, Phyllis, wherever you are….