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What a way to start National Arts & Humanities Month!

Sue Miller with Alyson Stanfield. Photo by Pat D'Aversa © 2011

Over the weekend of October 1st and 2nd, about 30 artists had an intense 2 day workshop with Alyson Standfield, the artbizcoach, learning “Shameless Self Promotion for Artists”.   We had a great time connecting and learning- two very fun and social days of networking. Shown with Alyson in the photo above, is WSA President Sue Miller. Many thanks to Sue, Libby, Victoria, and Pat for putting all the details together for a fine weekend!  And, we also learned it’s National Arts & Humanities month so get out there and collaborate and advocate the arts!   Pass the word!

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I’m on YouTube!

Here’s my 15 seconds of fame…… click on this link and then scroll over to the 6:27 mark for my short demo on Batik, (done in 2007) thanks to the folks over at Wet Paints. The video was created by John Alto ©2007


Exciting Opportunity for all Artists! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.”

Women Sharing Art, Inc. to Host 2-Day “Shameless Self-Promotion for Artists” Workshop

Bohemia, NY – Non-profit group Women Sharing Art, Inc. is set to host a 2-day workshop, “Shameless Self-Promotion for Artists,” October 1 – 2, 2011.

Alyson B. Stanfield, art business consultant and author of the best selling “I’d Rather Be in the Studio“, will lead the workshop! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.” http://artbizcoach.com/

Stanfield has led art-marketing seminars throughout the country. This workshop marks her first live event in New York. Stanfield’s workshop will provide artists with the motivation, knowledge and strategic marketing techniques necessary to advance their careers.

About Women Sharing Art

Women Sharing Art, Inc. is a non-profit providing avenues for female artists to nurture and encourage one another in order to further their artistic accomplishments.

About Alyson B. Stanfield

Alyson B. Stanfield is an artist advocate, workshop leader, and art-marketing consultant who knows all about self-promotion. Alyson has helped thousands of artists develop their careers through her online classes, publications, workshops, and free weekly Art Marketing Action newsletter—all available through ArtBizCoach.com.

For further info:

Email: womensharingart@gmail.com

Web: www.womensharingart.org

The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Newsletter

The following is reprinted, with thanks, and  by permission.

I subscribe to this newsletter and find it often to be a great source of inspiration and information. I’m sharing it today with permission from Mr. Genn because I feel it has a lot to offer to those who choose to look at my website. When you find good words, they need to be shared.

Hope you’ll take a moment and have a look:

The Painter’s Keys website.

The monastic artist

September 20, 2011

I’ve never stayed in a monastery, but I’ve visited some, both East and West, and I’ve certainly bumped into a few monks. I’ve also known a few nuns, but not intimately. I was once offered a job as a missionary, but I didn’t like the position.

But as for the painter, I like a monastic life. Mine’s not as rigid as the pros’. I rise early, paint before breakfast, correspond, paint, break briefly for a simple lunch, perhaps a brisk walk in the forest, maybe a snooze, then back to the studio. Dinner is at home with friends or family. I work each day until tired, read a bit, sleep well, and do it again the next day. Several days can pass without moving the car. It’s productive–the monastic life gets results. As Picasso said, “I like to live like a poor man with lots of money.”

It’s all about the renewal and rebirth of life through creativity. Similar to the nuns who tend the fields, or the monks who labour in the hothouses, there’s satisfaction in growth, change, green shoots, raking up old leaves. Art reaffirms life and is in harmony with many universal principles. Perhaps the studio is even greater than the nunnery or the monastery. In the humble studio one hears the constant plop, plop, plop of product. Product that honours our land, our people, our earth.

To be in touch with creativity on a daily, even hourly, basis may just happen to edge yourself closer to divinity. If our universe is indeed a creation, (an idea that competes with the idea that our universe is an idea) then perhaps we need to be on that wavelength. Pushing paint is a high calling. To do it well you need humility. You need to walk the walk. You need a well-regulated, simple life so that you might become both servant and student.

And there’s another thing. It’s the fellowship of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. They are all with us–the good and bad artists in the dusty books of history, in the galleries, in the promise of tomorrow’s children, or right here now as you meet them on this remarkable medium that befriends us all–even though we don’t really know each other. Art can take flight in an odd but active monastery.

Best regards,


PS: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.” (Matthew 6:28)

Esoterica: Like Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline of the ancient Roman Catholic liturgy, or the five daily pauses of Islamic prayer, an artist can create defined spaces for reflection and contemplation. The creative monk recharges and begins again. Each pause may be heralded with a new squeeze of paint or a sharpening of tools. Thankfulness infuses every breath. Every new passage is a fresh test of studenthood, patience, applied joy and creative love.

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Gyotaku  is the ancient japanese method of recording a fisherman’s catch. this modern day art form is fun and tricky to get just right! Here I am using a flounder, with water-soluble fabric dyes that  I will print onto cotton fabric. Then my very talented framer LuAnn, will frame the image as a fine art piece.

I’ve applied a thickened dye to the fish, pressed the fabric over it, and am applying a little dye into areas that did not come thru.

The  print is pulled.

Here are some other examples I’ve done recently:

I’m very pleased to be able to say, these fish prints have been sold.

“Sights of Stripes” and “Flag Day” at the Islip Art Museum




“Sights of Stripes”

Selections from the IAM annual open call featuring

Holly Black, Brenda Chapman, John Cino, Daniel Cleary,

John DeRosa, Peter Dickie, JoAnne Dumas, Dan Lachacz,

William Sayler and Chris Taylor

On View

August 1st – September 4th , 2011


Sunday, August 21st , from 2-4pm

(The museum itself is hosting the exhibit “Flag Day”)

Babies! Babies! Everywhere!

Having a baby?  Call us for a Lawn Greeting custom designed for your new addition

Little Angel Storks  631 281 5592    or    631 680 1617


for more images, click on Baby on the left sidebar  <–

Plein Air Festival!

Come to Stony Brook Village on the  weekend of July 8 – 9 – 10  to see some very talented artists as they create, live, in real time,  en plein air, the beautiful scenery of the historic Stony Brook Village area- the Grist Mill, the Beach, Marina and Harbor, Avalon Park and the Mill Pond!

Visit the Gallery North webpage for more info:   http://www.gallerynorth.org/new_main_page.htm

This is the first time I will be participating in the event. Each artist will donate a work created over this weekend,  to benefit  Gallery North, and the public is invited to the silent auction, held at Gallery North, 90 N. Country Rd., Setauket.

Silent Auction:  unframed festival paintings will be on display at Gallery North as follows:

Paintings will be exhibited for silent auction Tuesday, July 12th and Wednesday, July 13th from 10am to 5pm, and Thursday, July 14th, from 10 am to 7 pm.

Bidding opens Tuesday, July 12 at 10am and closes Thursday, July 14 at 7pm.

Closing Celebration for bidders and artists July 14, 6-8pm

Map to Gallery North:  click here

Map to where I will be painting:  click here

I made the Papers! (sort of)

Newsday’s issue for Monday 6/13/11  “What They’re Wearing” in Part II  features my artwork in the background. Iam currently exhibiting at the Holiday InnExpress on Rt 347 in Stony Brook  with Jeanne Salucci and  Mary Samuels.


ART TO HEART– BENEFIT FOR Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Join us for a reception and networking event on June 8th at 5:30 – 7:30

There will be refreshments, art  and other great prizes for the price of a raffle ticket. Proceeds to benefit the  Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

Easy to get to: take Nicolls road north to Rte 347 and take a right. As soon as you se the BP gas station, Holiday Inn is the next driveway.

click here  ->   Here’s a map

SBAA Membership Show!

At Phoenix Gallery, 139 S. Country Rd, Bellport

May 28,29,30  June 2,3,4

11-5 Thu-Sat  12- 4 Sun and Memorial Day

631-776-0811 for  gallery info

southbayart@gmail.com for SBAA info

Charitable Causes!

I will be involved in several art shows that have a cause-

“Feminine Agendas”, at Holiday Inn Express, Stony Brook- for the L.I. Children;s Hospital at Stony Brook  as part of Woman Sharing Art  www.womensharingart.org March 1 – April 16            Reception Wednesday March 16th 5:30- 7:30 pm   3131 Rte 347 east of Nicolls Rd.

March Mezzo MadnessMarch 25th- art auction/concert to benefit Brookhaven Arts & Humanities Council- Christ Episcopal Church, Bellport. 7 pmContact BAHC for details/tickets   www.brookhavenarts.com

“With One Stroke” 10 artists come together to exhibit, and donate artwork to benefit Suffolk Hospice House, at the Mastic Beach Property Owners, 31 Neighborhood Rd., Mastic Beach, on April 10th from 2 -6 pm.  $5 at the door goes to Hospice House, and each artist is donating work for the raffle.

“Art to Heart” with Jeanne Salucci and Mary Samuels, at the Holiday Inn Express, Stony Brook, to benefit the Stony Brook LI Children’s Hospital. May 29 – July 9th with a Reception June 8th from 5:30- 7:30 pm

PALS Plein Air Exhibit

December 11 & 12 at the Gilette House,

47 Gilette Ave, Sayville from 12 -4

Our group of tuesday morning enthusiasts will be presenting our best efforts from the season-

for info on our group go to   http://www.palspleinair.blogspot.com/

See you at the show!

You Tube

Just found out I am on YouTube as part of a video produced by John Alto  of Wet Paints Studio Group-it’s from a Batik demo I did for them in October of 2007– scroll over  to the 6:28 minute mark if you don’t want to watch the whole thing

Embracing Our Differences

A Celebration of Oneness – Women Sharing Art join in “Embracing Our Differences”
sayville.com – arts and entertaintment – 10/8/2010
© Ginnie Moore

The following article is from Sayville.com   http://www.sayville.com/news.asp?news=779

(Click on this link to view pictures)

They say charity begins at home…so should embracing our differences.

Women Sharing Art, Inc. (www.womensharingart.org) is a group of approximately 23 artistic, multi-talented women, (Of which I am a member) whose art is their passion. Each woman creates in her own personal artistic medium; watercolor, photography, oils, mosaic design, art glass, fiber art, acrylics, collage, pastels, beads, culinary arts … yet, the group possesses a common bond as women artists sharing and exploring their artistic energies.

Earlier this year they embarked on a project that enabled and challenged them to work jointly on a piece of art that was then submitted to the Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity & Human Understanding for an outdoor art exhibition to celebrate diversity – ‘Embracing Our Differences’. This endeavor would be like inflating fifty random-sized balloons, then collecting them in an effort to tie them together in one, large, beautiful ‘bouquet’

Lilian Masten (collage and mixed media) said, “My first thought was, how are we going to be able to combine all the different media and techniques into one piece of art. As the piece developed, I was able to add my input through the blending of colors with my collage and assemblage techniques to unify the whole”. Another artist, Libby Hintz, whose specialty is mosaics said, “I like to work collaboratively in my own medium, so I was excited about working with my friends in Women Sharing Art through this project.” ??The women spent much time at the outset to meet and discuss the direction they should take – it turned into a think tank with sketches. It was decided they would work to depict a positive, meaningful, emotional, and feminine-oriented universal point of view. ??Gee, that sounds easy…??“… this project turned into a fantastic way of inviting the world to discover, savor and celebrate the universal oneness of women” is how WSA member Juliette Lévesque (oils & acrylics) described what this project has meant to her.??There were 110 entries and 28 finalists, the work of art born from Women Sharing Art being among the finalists. The outdoor exhibit will be held during October 23 – 31, 2010, at the Grant Campus of Suffolk Community College in Brentwood (at the intersection of Crooked Hill Rd. and Wicks Rd.), adjacent to the Health, Sports and Education Building.??From the flyer promoting this event, “The Embracing Our Differences art exhibition, together with related activities and events, is intended to demonstrate in a positive way that diversity enriches our lives …”??Pat D’Aversa (photographer) likened this creative effort to the aim of Women Sharing Art, “I hoped this project would portray the same acceptance of diversity that Women Sharing Art has shown to its members.”??WSA member Julianna Kirk (glass art) summed up the creative experience of working together beautifully, “After the entire process was over and our final visual statement was achieved, I was extremely satisfied with the entire experience. For me, I was positively charged with the depth of knowledge we all have collectively and how we can surely do ananything!”?

Women Sharing Art … and life ~ such a beautiful thing