July 2020
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My Latest Column for Bellport.com

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Adventures In Art by Chris Taylor

We asked Chris Taylor, President of the SBAA (South Bay Art Association), to write a column for Bellport.com about herself, her art background and her art itself, as well as how […]


HI everyone, just wanted to let you know that I have written a little article for Bellport.com on art.

It was fun!

check it out at

www.bellport.com and then click on “Columns”

Student Art Show

South Bay Art Association will host the Annual Nita Elder Scholarship Exhibit, November 22 and 23 at the Bellport Community Center on 4 Bell St in the Village of Bellport.

High School Seniors who are seriously pursuing a career in the visual arts present their work for review by qualified judges and the winners receive […]

Painting with a Palette Knife

Fire Island

This is a great technique and I realize I don’t engage in it often enough. The colors remain fresh and vibrant, the textures are exciting, and its fun! The technique imparts a certain energy to the painting that you just cant get with any other method. Knives come in various shapes, sizes […]

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